Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality

At our school

We work extremely hard to ensure that our children are learning to their best ability and are happy in our school. We know that good attendance and punctuality make a big difference to your child’s learning and achievement. We have high expectations for all of our pupils and that starts with attendance and so we every parent and carer and child to help us achieve our target of at least 96% attendance and punctuality each year.


We celebrate and reward good attendance and punctuality. We have challenges throughout the school year and children can win prizes for achieveing excellent attendance and punctuality results. During the Autumn Term we had an Advent challenge and children who achieved 100% attendance were entered into a prize draw.

Here are some of the things our winners said about their prizes

  • Reception- “It was nice because I was here every day”
  •  RM - “I came to school everyday, I felt joyful. I won a Frozen game”
  •  4F - “It was good because I felt really good about myself and I’m going to play lots of jokes on my brother”
  •  5G - “It felt good because there were a lot of people on the list and I was chosen.”

Advent Challenge



Children should go to bed early enough:

Tired children are hard to wake up and find it difficult to learn. Going to bed at a reasonable time makes things easier for them and you.

Be in school regularly and on time:

It is settling for children and helps them get into a routine. The more regularly they are in school and on time the more they get used to it. Aim to be in school by 8.45 am.

Get up early enough:

Avoid rushing and feeling stressed. Get up early enough and give yourself enough time to get ready.

Limit TV or game time in the morning:

Avoid arguments and lateness by limiting how long they are allowed to watch TV or play games in the morning. If it regularly causes problems think about banning it completely in the mornings.

Get things ready the night before:

If uniforms, packed lunches, etc. are ready the night before it saves a lot of time in the mornings.

Make time for breakfast – or come to Breakfast Club at school:

Making time for breakfast can help to keep things calm in the morning and saves time rather than having to stop at the shops on the way to school. Or come to our school Breakfast Club where children have time to eat, play and get ready for the school day. The club opens at 8.00 am.