Our History

Christ The King Catholic Primary School

Our History

1957 - School opened

The first voluntary aided school on our site was opened by the Sisters of St. John of God. They were led by Sister Mary, our first Headteacher.
There had previously been a fee paying school on the site, it was called Notre Dame and was run by the sisters of Our Lady of Bordeaux.

1967 - Improving our school

The school continues to thrive supported by a strong Irish catholic community, who volunteered to build classrooms and playgrounds. Sister Mary is still leading the school as Headteacher.

1987 - Our Silver Jubilee

The school celebrates its Silver Jubilee and is visited by His Eminence Cardinal Basil Hume. Sister Mary retires in 1988 and  Mr Lowe joins as Headteacher. Miss Romy Hoster (our current Head of School) joins us as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) in 1981.

1998 - Outstanding results

Mr Gerard Thompson joins as Headteacher. Mr Thompson improves the school's Ofsted inspection results ably assistant by his dedicated team of staff. On his retirement in 2004 he is succeeded by Mr Paul Campbell who continued to build on Mr Thompson's success with an outstanding Ofsted inspection in 2007.

2007 - Golden Jubilee

Cardinal Vincent Nicholls led the school's 50th anniversary celebrations. The Cardinal visited our children in school and later celebrated Mass at St. Mellitus Church. The school continued to thrive under Mr. Campbell's leadership.

2014 - A new era

Mr Paul Campbell retires as Headteacher in August 2014. Miss Hoster takes up the mantle as Head of School and  Mr John Lane joins as Executive Headteacher. Ofsted inspected our school in December 2014 and we received a good report.

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