Maamulaha Year 6 Poetry Competition 2013

We are extremely proud to announce that the Poet Laureate for the annual Maamulaha Poetry Competition has been chosen from Christ the King for the second year running! Huge congratulations to Emily Loeschner on her outstanding achievement!


Her poem is entitled ‘Open Heart’.

Stone heart, Never inspired. No passion, No love. You built your walls, You lost your wars, But why stop love? Is it your guilt or shame? Light the small sparks of emotion, very day I can see sadness in your eyes. But don’t forget who you are. Open your heart, Then you will see you are in love.

- Maamulaha

We would also like to especially congratulate our shortlisted winners Joseph, Nicole, Allyna and Jessica on their superb entries! Congratulations to all of year 6, on their imaginative and powerful poems, written for the Maamulaha Poetry Competition 2013.

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