Children’s Writing

Christ the King

Praise to you our Christ our King,

Lord of all and Lord of me,

Hail Redeemer we glory you.

My sin you came to cleanse,

Without a thought you gave your life,

So that I might have eternal life.

I give you praise and glory

For all you did for me,

When you were nailed to that tree.

I say you are my Saviour King,

The Christ that is my loving King,

For what you did and all you do,

That I may only live like you.

I can only end my prayer

By saying this,

You are my Christ,

You are my King.

Kaesy – Year 6

God the Creator

He made me all things great and small,

The source of mystery, the most cryptic of all.

We can’t envision the perplexity of his mind

But we know He was knowledgeable to create mankind

The Lord of secrecy, the prince of puzzlement

Hi is the author and finisher of things.

It is the happiness, joy, the love he brings.

He helps me in all that I do and

To Him I will always be true.

His artistic works are in everything I see

From the frail butterfly to the mighty tree.

God is my Father, the foundation of my life

Without him I would be full of strife

I've been redeemed.

Ive been ordained as God’s child,

He is with me always

Through times rough and mild

Pearl—Year 6

I am a person of the World

I am a person of God’s sublime creation,

A gargantuan star in God’s eyes

I am a powerful flame

Lurking through the atmosphere

Appearing through the rays of the sun.


I am the article of God’s love,

Preaching productively in the shadows

I am an adundant synergy,

Aligned with the Holy Trinity.

I am a person of

God’s creation.

I am a person of the world

Tamara—Year 6

Christ the King

Christ you are my King.

You are the one who created,

constructed everything.

Christ the King came to earth.

As the Virgin Mary

was having Christ in birth.

Christ the Trinity, Redeemer and Messiah.

You are the one who

Makes a believers heart

Fill with desire.

In my eyes you are the King

Who created everything.

Blessing – Year 6

Christ the King

I am an illuminating

Bright light for

Other people.

I am the lid to my jar of sins,

Protecting myself and

Others from harm.

I am a baby bird

Ready to spread my wings

And fly in the eye

Of the Lord

I am a larvae,

Ready to become a full

Believer, a butterfly.

I am a follower of Christ

Karol – Year 6

God’s Presence

In the snow, in the rain God is present every day,
He is in the fields and farms where the little lambs lay,
Through the trees and the breeze God can always see,
He is present in everything, including you and me!

God is present in every kiss and hug,
In every act of kindness and every show of love,
God is present through people who care for the sick,
The people who build homes for the homeless brick by brick!

We hear God’s presence in all words of kindness,
Even when you’re sad God is there regardless,
God’s presence is in words of comfort too,
God is there every time you hear the words “I love you!”

God is here when sad times come, when someone you love goes above,
God is present when you are stressed or simply had enough,
He’s with your friends at every celebration,
God is with you at all times – every single occasion!

by St. Francis Class Year 4