Pupil Leadership

Christ The King Catholic Primary School

Pupil Leadership

At Christ the King School, we believe that children need to develop leadership skills and encourage all children to volunteer in service to others.

Currently, we have a very active School Council.

School Council

These are elected positions, two pupils from each class who sit on the council for the year. This council feeds back to their class on events in school, future plans and any changes.
It is also an opportunity for pupils to air their views and have them reported back to the Leadership Team.

Going Forward…

We plan to offer a wide range of opportunities.
The selection process for the Year 6 positions will be rigorous and challenging.  The pupils will write a letter of application for the role that they see themselves being capable or wanting to fulfil. All pupils will be interviewed and a shortlist will be drawn up from how the pupils vote. Ultimately, the final decision will be made by the Leadership Team.

Head Boy and Head Girl

This team is usually a Head Girl and a Head Boy. These children will represent the school at external events, will show guests and visitors around, talk to parents and be responsible for organising events or development of other projects.  They meet with the Head of School and discuss school matters from a pupil's perspective.

Student Voices

House Captains

Each of the School Houses (Emmanuel, Trinity, Messiah and Redeemer) will have two captains who are responsible for collecting house points, encouraging and motivating younger pupils in their houses and organising fund raising activities for their house's selected local charity.

Sports Ambassador

This pupil will usually represent the school at most sporting events, will report back to the school on tournaments and competitions, they will also liaise with the Sports Coach and the PE Leader in the school. They will hold a place on the school council and listen to the views of the class councilors regarding sport and opportunities or development within the school.


These pupils will be responsible for a range of tasks and roles within the school, some will support the office staff, some will be responsible for assemblies, some will work with younger pupils, some will support with the lunch service in the dinner hall, others will form part of a chaplaincy team developing a pupil's view on Liturgical events within school.

Peer Mediators

The children who will be applying for the position will be selected by the School Council Leader and the Learning Mentor. They will have training and support in learning how to resolve friendship issues and low level behaviour issues in the playground.

Eco Council

These children will be voted for by the class and develop an action plan for over the year looking into ways in which the school could become more eco-friendly, monitor waste and electricity usage.

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