General Curriculum

General Curriculum

The new National Curriculum came into effect in September 2014. It lays out the subject matter that all schools need to focus on when they teach. It also includes details about the standards we should be expecting our children to meet.

You can find out more about The New National Curriculum here.


Year Group Overviews

Our year groups follow the National Curriculum. You can see an overview of what we are teaching each term by clicking the links below:

Subject Overviews

The teaching we have planned for each area ensures we meet the new standards. Click on the links below to see what we teach and examples of our children’s work.


We offer a comprehensive and effective provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities. You can find out more about our inclusion policies by clicking the links below:


Good assessment allows us to review the progress of our children. It also helps us to provide information about how effective our teaching is. While we move from National Curriculum Levels and we implement a new National Curriculum we will carry on using existing national curriculum levels to help with our assessment routines.