Christ The King Catholic Primary School


At Christ the King Catholic Primary School, we aim to create a positive and invigorating working environment where all children can achieve their potential. In order for all children and staff to work in harmony together we have high expectations of conduct and behaviour from all stakeholders.

We believe that achievement and behaviour are interlinked. Good behaviour is a necessary precondition for good learning. It is therefore important that every child receives appropriate support to maximise their chances of achievement and success at all levels. We also recognise that we have a joint responsibility with families to support, teach and model appropriate behaviour.

We aim to promote a positive approach in attitude and behaviour in order to create the best environment in which the children are able to achieve their full potential. This involves clear expectations for behaviour on a whole school and classroom level.

All adults in the school share these five pillars of practice:

  1. Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  2. First attention for best conduct
  3. Relentless routines
  4. Scripting difficult conversations
  5. Restorative follow up

In addition we always praise in public (PIP) and reprimand in private (RIP).

We expect all our children to be in school every day on time, wearing the correct school uniform and ready to learn. We value the contribution our parents/carers make in supporting our ethos and share our vision and values.

We have three school rules that all children, staff and visitors to our school are expected to follow. They are:

  • Be Ready
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe

Children are asked to evaluate their behaviour choices and are encouraged to ask themselves regularly if they are Ready, Respectful and Safe and if they are not yet Ready, Respectful and Safe, what they need to do to become so.

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