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Christ the King Catholic Primary School

British Science Week 2021

I love science! Most people who know me, know that I love science! I just think that it is so much fun trying to find out how things work, or what will happen if... 


Science has a hand in everything. There are all the high-profile bits, like the invention of the light bulb, space travel and dinosaur fossils - or more recently, vaccines to help us get through a pandemic. But then there's everything else - literally everything! From flavours in your food to wireless internet, from the function of your intestines to harnessing solar power, from cooking in your microwave to freezing leftovers in your freezer. There are so many exciting opportunites that science can bring!


This year's theme for British Science Week is 'Innovating for the Future'. Straight away, that makes me think of renewable energy. The whole world needs to reduce it's pollution levels, and finding ways of producing electricity that doesn't create pollution is going to be extremely important in our efforts to do that. Developments in electric cars will also help.


But science is innovating many other areas of life. In recent years, scientists have invented: edible water blobs and edible food wrappers to reduce plastic; helium balloons that can travel to space; an invisibility cloak (sort of); and even an alarm clock in the carpet that makes sure you're sitting up before it turns itself off! (I think I need one of those)


For many of you, when you think about 'Innovating for the Future', you might immediately think about gaming. And science has a hand in that too! Whether it be advances in facial recognition, virtual reality or wearable gaming, you have science to thank!


I want you to consider yourselves as scientists. Every time you think about how something works, test whether one way of doing something works better than another, or consider ways that we could improve peoples' lives in the future, you are DOING science!


Enjoy British Science Week!


Mr Drummond

Science Week Competition!