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Christ the King Catholic Primary School

Special Leave/Term Time Holidays

Guidance Notes for Application for Leave Of Absence/Special Leave Request


There is no entitlement for a parent/carer to remove their child from the school for the purpose of a holiday or extended trip overseas during term time.  In accordance with government advice, we will only grant a leave of absence in exceptional circumstances in any academic year.


If you want to apply for Leave of Absence, you will therefore be expected to make a clear and well supported case to prove that the circumstances are exceptional.


Parents/carers are advised not to make any travel arrangements or reservations until leave has been approved.


The guidelines for applying for leave of absence are set out below:

  1. Parents/carers must make a case for taking a child out of the school for any period during the school term. No parent/carer can demand leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday as a right and the school is not obliged to agree to such requests.
  2. The Executive Headteacher/Head of School has the authority, through current legislation, to decide whether or not to authorise the absence. In making a decision, the Executive Headteacher/Head of School will take the following into account:
  • The reasons given for the leave of absence (e.g. the “exceptional” circumstances)
  • The time of the year and/or term
  • Whether the child will miss any preparations for tests/exams
  • The student’s previous attendance record – including any patterns of absence
  • If leave is granted, the amount of leave will not normally exceed ten working days in any academic year. (Regulation 12, The Education School and Further Education Regulation 1989)


  1. Parents/carers who are considering taking their child out of the school during term are requested to fill in the form overleaf and speak to our attendance officer (Miss Beveridge) about their reasons for applying for leave.   During this conversation they will be able to discuss the impact such a period of leave can have on the education and achievement of their child.
  2. Parents/Carers should note that even if special leave is granted by the Executive Headteacher it will still be recorded as absence, although it will be deemed ‘authorised absence’.
  3. Where a child has been granted a leave of absence and fails to return to the school on the date agreed, and the failure is not due to sickness (backed up by a doctor’s certificate) or any other unavoidable case, the child risks losing his/her place in the school (Regulation 9 of The Education – Pupil Registration – Regulation 1995). If a child loses their place in this way, parents/carers can reapply to Christ the King Catholic Primary School, but we cannot guarantee that a place will still be available.
  4. Children who go on unauthorised leave or exceed the agreed period of leave may be referred to the Local Authority who may seek to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine).


Apart from the most exceptional of circumstance, parents must avoid taking their child out of school for any length of time as there is clear evidence that disruption in a child’s education has a detrimental effect on the child and his/her future achievements.


Please click below for a copy of the application form for term time leave of absence and extended trips overseas during term time. This must be completed and returned to the school at least 14 days before the period of absence being requested.

Special Leave Application Form